MMHN’s strong advocacy for maritime history and heritage has been recognised by the History Council of Victoria with the announcement on 21 October 2021 that MMHN was shortlisted for the inaugural Jane Hansen Prize for History Advocacy. We came second and received an honourable mention – the only organization to receive such recognition.

MMHN was established as a network through which to endorse the Value of History. Studying our past and telling our stories is critical to our sense of belonging, to our communities and to our shared future.

MMHN congratulates the 2021 winner, Sue Thompson of Lilydale Historical Society who generously accepted the prize on behalf of all volunteers in the history sector across Victoria. Congratulations also to all others on the stellar shortlist: Catherine Dwyer, David Waldron, Marion Littlejon and the President of the RHSV, Richard Broome.

History shapes our identities, engages us as citizens, creates inclusive communities, is part of our economic well-being, teaches us to think critically and creatively, inspires leaders and is the foundation of our future generations.


​MMHN’s advocacy for Melbourne’s future through recognition of Maritime Melbourne takes many forms. For recent examples of our advocacy, see the following submissions.

Contagion, March 2020

Contagion, March 2020

These are extraordinary, unpredictable indeed sobering times for us all. Bushfires, floods and now contagion! It is fitting for the MMHN to reflect on maritime involvement with two earlier pandemics and one shipboard epidemic – namely Black Death, Spanish Flu and Typhoid. Much has been written of these catastrophic events – but not always from the maritime perspective the following brief insight prepared by MMHN Board members.