Tour: Heritage Victoria’s Artefact Research Centre

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Tour: Heritage Victoria’s Artefact Research Centre

MMHN is delighted to announce a rare opportunity to tour Heritage Victoria’s Artefact Research Centre on Wednesday 7 June at 3pm.

HV is responsible for regulating the Victorian Heritage Act and the Commonwealth Underwater Cultural Heritage Act, which both protect maritime wrecks, objects and infrastructure throughout the inland waters, coastal waters and within the sea off the coast.

The HV Artefact Research Centre (ARC) is a working lab and storage facility where objects recovered by maritime archaeologists are housed along with artefacts recovered from land archaeological sites. The ARC is where researchers, archaeologists and members of the public can come to view and study the objects and add to the history and knowledge of the objects themselves and the wrecks they have come from – the process of heritage curation and conservation of the fragile objects recovered from the seabed.

Heritage Curator Bronwyn Woff will conduct the free tour, but numbers are limited so we encourage you to register by email.

URGENT – Register Now by emailing:,au

Date June 7, 2023Time 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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