Heritage Partners Program 2022

This is a rare, actually unprecedented, appeal to members or not-for-profit groups who may be in a position to offer a financial grant to support and sustain MMHN advocacy. We seek 20 Heritage Partners willing to commit to a financial contribution of $550 p.a.

As an inaugural Heritage Partner, you or your group will be acknowledged  as proactively supporting this unique community-based advocacy network intent upon achieving due recognition that Australia is an island with a rich maritime past, and a promising maritime present – and most crucially – an exciting maritime future.

If you so wish, links to your preferred website or portal will appear on the MMHN website on the Heritage Partners Page.  You will receive invitations to all MMHN functions and we will endeavour to assist your work where possible. A reminder that MMHN, has tax deductibility status.

To recap: In becoming a Heritage Partners, you or your group will be:

  • Supporting a great community-based volunteer advocacy network
  • Recognising and celebrating Melbourne’s rich maritime heritage – particularly with young people
  • Supporting Melbourne’s diverse maritime & logistics industry sector and community-based heritage sector groups.
  • Encouraging awareness of and engagement with the maritime environment as well as maritime career prospects

Your grant will be greatly appreciated and will ensure that the stated aspirations and objectives  of the Melbourne Maritime Heritage Network (MMHN) are achieved.

For further details on the work of MMHN, see:


MMHN Corporate Partners Program 2023

MMHN is of course intent on achieving the stated MMHN objectives and more broadly, further enhancing international, interstate and domestic recognition for our multi-faceted maritime sector. We will capture and optimize the latent economic and cultural value within in the maritime sector – past, present and future.

Corporate support via the MMHN Corporate Partners Program will sustain this development.

The MMHN Corporate Partnerships Program identifies 6 key corporate sectors. Within each industry sector, a single corporate entity will be invited MMHN to partner with us:

1. Shipping & Logistics
2. Education & Skills
3. Development
4. Recreational Boating
5. Tourism
6. Docklands

MMHN seeks 6 Corporate Partners representing the 6 key maritime industry sectors willing to commit to single tax deductible financial contribution of $10,000 to MMHN.

For further details, please see the MMHN Corporate Partners Program Program Proposal

Please sign up below, or contact MMHN Chair Dr. Jackie Watts at



Heritage Partner / Corporate Partner Expression of Interest