Melbourne Maritime Heritage Network (MMHN) functions a ‘network,’ structured in order to capture the expertise and enthusiasm of the diverse maritime stakeholders in Victoria and beyond – individuals, groups and organisations.

MMHN members collectively work towards greater recognition, by government and the wider public, that maritime sector was and still is of critical importance to State and national prosperity – past, present and future.

There is a lot of advocacy work to be done to achieve such recognition. If you have any skills or any particular interests and you want to be involved in MMHN then we want to hear from you!  The MMHN Board welcomes your input and all members are welcome to join any of the MMHN Special Advisory Groups working towards stated MMHN objectives or helping with any other MMHN projects or tasks.

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Membership Benefits

Your membership of MMHN enables:

  • Monthly MMHN Updates
  • MMHN events program – seminars, forums, exhibitions
  • Networking and/or connection opportunities for maritime stakeholders and relevant organisations
  • Assistance with identification and/or re-location of maritime archives, artefacts, programming
  • Submissions to relevant responsible authorities
  • Support on maritime stakeholder projects or advocacy

To become a member of the MMHN, you can join using the online application form on this page and completing payment, or by downloading the applicable paper form and returning it with payment to MMHN, PO Box 1007, Carlton, VIC 3053.



MMHN is open to all.  Membership fees have remained static since our establishment. 

There are three categories of membership:

  • Individual membership: $30 / year
  • Not-for-profit association, $50 / year
  • Corporate membership, $300 /year

Important: Please note that as of December 2023 the MMHN membership renewal will no longer operate with a PAYPAL automatic renewal system. Membership subscriptions are renewed annually at the end of each calendar year.

An MMHN Membership invoice will be emailed to you at that time.

You may continue to pay via PAYPAL or by direct deposit to the MMHN bank account, or by cheque. (MMHN, P.O Box 1007 Carlton Vic 3053)

Please contact us if you wish to change membership details or cancel your MMHN membership. 

Already a member? 


The MMHN is registered as a Cultural Organisation with the Australian Government and is able to receive tax-deductible donations for its cultural purposes from Australian taxpayers.

Donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible, and each donor will receive a receipt that confirms this.

We greatly appreciate donations (large or small) to enable our advocacy efforts, and to secure our long-term future. Please consider adding a donation to your annual MMHN membership payment.

MMHN has recently introduced a Heritage Partner Program and a Corporate Partnership Program
> More information on MMHN Funding Programs here


We are very proud to have the support of the following organisations: