Further updates on the maritime industry can be found on the following websites:



Maritime News


See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7xnQpkPHTc for a film clip on the restoration of a RAAF crash boat



Recently located ship wreck at Rye (Vict) giving detail on early ship construction in Australia 1820s. Published on 5 April 2020 ABC News.


Reviews and Reports on Commonwealth and State Maritime issues


Transport Victoria

Details so far of Victorian Review into Coastal Shipping with links to PDF copies of submissions to the review. These links to submissions include ones from the MUA, Shipping Australia Limited and Port of Melbourne.https://transport.vic.gov.au/ports-and-freight/key-freight-projects#shipping-reform

This is the home website for the above: https://transport.vic.gov.au/ports-and-freight/freight-victoria


Industry organisations


Maritime Industry Australia Limited


Port of Melbourne website


The Maritime Law Association of Australia and New Zealand




Museum and ship websites


Museums Victoria

An account of immigration to Australia since the early 1800s. Very interesting – uses photographs, diary entries etc.https://museumsvictoria.com.au/longform/journeys-to-australia/


Melbourne’s Heritage Fleet


Web page for Steam Tug Wattle

A comprehensive history and photographic collection

Web page for the historic schooner and sail training ship Alma Doepel


Web page for the replica of Fawkner’s ship (Enterprize) that transported him to what became Melbourne


Web page for the restored WW II corvette HMAS Castlemaine


Restored three masted barque


Seaworks museum and facilities at Williamstown



Marine skills and training


National Maritime Training package

Identifies maritime qualifications and associated training package components


Australian Industry Standards Maritime Industry Reference Committee

Skills Forecast 2019


Maritime Industry Australia Limited (MIAL). 2018 and 2019 Seafaring Skills Census

You might have to register with MIAL to gain access to these documents.


Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)

Specifying occupations and associated crew competencies


Australian Maritime College


The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS). This year’s update confirms the significant contribution our marine industries (collectively referred to as our “Blue Economy”) make to our national economy. In 2015-16 (the most recent available data) the blue economy was worth $68.1 billion. Over the past decade, it has been one of the fastest growing parts of our economy, and as a whole, is larger than our agricultural sector.


The AIMS Index of Marine Industry: December 2018



Shipping Australia Limited – 2018 Annual Review



Naval Shipbuilding College

Find trade-qualified, job-ready workers or apprentices through our Workforce Register to help build our naval fleet and provide supply chain services. The Workforce Register is a continuously updated data base containing hundreds of pre-screened and qualified job seekers from every state and territory in Australia who are ready, willing and able to join the naval shipbuilding industry. We have partnered with training and education providers across Australia. Job families are: Engineering; Operations; Program management; Supply chain.


Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)

Specifying occupations and associated crew competencies


Royal Australian Navy

Ship building, skills and workforce description pp47-55



Maritime Union of Australia

Rebuilding Victoria’s Coastal Shipping for More and Better Jobs, Safer Ships and a Cleaner Environment. 2019. A submission to the Victorian Coastal Shipping Review. July. PDF available from: