The project requires the team to construct a viability analysis on the possibility of utilising the waterway networks of Melbourne for a ferry service. As a part of the consulting project, the team would construct a review on the current transport services available both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, shining a light on the restrictions imposed, and their effect on the number of customers who frequent it. The study would also include the analysis of ferry services not just in Australia, but worldwide, and construct a detailed insight into ventures of similar nature in Melbourne, successful and not. This would also include an analysis of such services in major Australian cities in an attempt to draw out the factors on why they perform the way they do. Multiple location studies are required by the project, in order to map out the optimal route and options. Using a resource that has a huge impact on the city, the legality of the execution of the project in terms of permissions, licenses and public opinion would have to be considered. After constructing a study based on the above factors including broad brush financial viability, the team will make suggestions on how MMHN could implement their plan by potentially even involving the government, to create a successful reality of a beautiful vision.