Despite evidence of incompetence over decades, the State Government continues to entrust Development Victoria (DV) with custodianship with Central Pier – the heritage-listed, ostensibly protected and Victoria’s most significant examples of maritime infrastructure. Yet DV continues to demonstrate zero commitment to heritage preservation. Indeed there is there is clear evidence of the contrary in DV’s persistent cavalier disregard heritage or due process in  a long  pattern of incremental destruction of Central Pier (The Age 20 January). Without due process and without permission from Heritage Victoria the central section of the pier was demolished. Years of deliberate neglect followed with  necessary maintenance denied .True to form days before last Christmas (15th December)  DV disingenuously posted a media release on their website presumably hoping that it would ‘pass under the radar’. DV signalled the intention to further demolish more of heritage Pier. Astounding. Merely paying lip-service to due process and critically, without having actually rectified earlier no-compliant  demolition. The now isolated, western end of Central Pier must be stabilised and remain in situ.  State Government must immediately intervene to curtail this rogue DV behaviour in relation to Central Pier.

MMHN Board of Directors

23 January 2021